Mr. Marco Alvarez Reyna received a qualification as an Electro-Mechanical Technician from the Don Bosco Technical Institute and a degree in Electronic Engineering from the National Technological University, Córdoba Regional Faculty (UTN-FRC) in Argentina. He is currently a PhD research student in Distributed Aerospace Systems with focus on Relative Navigation for Cluster Flying along with the UTN-FRC and the Argentine National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), where he plays the role of Laboratory Manager and CubeSat Platform responsible.

He was an assistant teacher for six years at the Central Electronics Laboratory of UTN-FRC and he is currently the Director of the Mechatronic Club of the same University, where he is leading educational aerospace projects.

He started to love aerospace as an amateur rocketeer in 2003, and since 2005 he has been involved in several UAV projects, winning several awards along the years. He joined the aerospace industry in 2010 and since then he is strongly connected to space engineering activities.

Marco is a passionate rock climber and enjoys riding on bicycle.

Contact: malvarez(at)frc.utn.edu.ar

Marco Alvarez Reyna

Argentina Regional Facilitator

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