Design Concept

Learning and experience
in a short period of time.

HEPTA-Sat (Hands-on Education Program for Technical Advancement) is a hands-on study of small satellite design and engineering over several days of intensive practical lessons. HEPTA-Sat hand-on course puts it focus on establishing the knowledge of systems engineering by going through the whole process of system integration.

During the course student will learn how the system is broken down into different subsystem (requirement), how to integrate those different subsystem (requirement) into a fully functioning system, and how to test/debug it once it has been integrated.

The program is supported by a vibrant instructor community and is open to people of any educational or professional background.

Program Content

From Scratch to System.

The training consists of a hands-on learning steps with CubeSat type classroom satellite kit. It is equipped with six primary subsystems – Electrical Power Supply, Command and Data Handling, Communication, Ground station, Sensor and Structure.

You can learn how each component and subsystem functions and how to integrate components and subsystems into a satellite system through experiencing the process of assembly, integration including programing & system implementation and test.

Upcoming Events

HEPTA-Sat 1 day course (English)
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, November 27 (Mon), 2023

User's Voice

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Strasbourg, France
November 2018


Muscat, Oman
December 2018


Adelaide, Australia
January 2019

Sofia, Bulgaria
October 2017

Kathmandu, Nepal
November 2017

Stellenbosch, S. Africa
December 2017

Al-Ain, UAE March 2018​

Management Team


Tiga Zengo



Hiraku Sakamoto

Advisor of Aerospace Engineering


Keiko Shimazu

Advisor of Systems Engineering

Regional facilitators

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Phone: +81-3-5800-66452-3-2, Email: hepta (at) unisec.jp, Yayoi, Bunkyo  Tokyo 113-0032  Japan, 

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