CLTP10 day11

The second day of teaching practice was over!

Thank you for your hard work.

Today’s program is

・ Teaching Practice

Continuing from yesterday, CLTP10 participants presented a summary of Labs 4-7.

Thank you for the wonderful presentation.

Lab4 also used a GPS sensor to give participants the opportunity to go out and display location information on Google Maps.

I think it was a hard day today. Take a rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow’s program is

・ Teaching Practice Review and Discussion

・ Presentation on teaching plan

・ Award Ceremony for Short Course

・ Farewell party

Tomorrow is the last day.

Let’s do our best until the end!

See you tomorrow!


CLTP10 day10 is over!

Three days of teaching practice will begin from today.

For the time being, the first day is over. Thank you for your hard work.

Today’s program is

・ Teaching Practice

I am glad that we were able to get active communication between the teachers who

participated in CLTP10 and those who participated as students from today.

I think you can see how the CLTP participants deepened their understanding by teaching to the 

people who participated from today.

The roles of Teaching Leader presented Lab0 ~ Lab3, which we just learned, on slides.

Thank you for the wonderful presentation.

CLTP10 is 2 days left. Let’s do our best without worrying to the end.


CLTP day9 has ended.

Today’s menu is

・ Preparation for teaching / instruction technics

・ Discussion and Teaching Practice Planning

・ Award Ceremony for CLTP-10 Participants

・ Reception in the evening

Certificate of completion was given at Award Ceremony for CLTP-10 Participants.

I took a commemorative shot with Dr. Yamazaki.

I’m glad to see your happy expression.

When it comes to commemorative photos, foreigners can’t stop.

At the night party, I had a pretty fun meal.

There was a member who became drunk after drinking too much, and it was quite interesting

Well, tomorrow’s program is

・ Teaching Practice

This time it will be a teaching version, so let’s do our best again.


CLTP finished the 8th day!

Today’s program is

・ Mission result review / presentation

・ Model Rocket Course

Thanks to all the students for the Mission result review / presentation.

I think that there were many missions that used satellites to solve the problems of their own country as a whole.

Even so, I was impressed with the presentation slides that were very easy to understand.


In the rocket lecture by Prof. Takahashi, aerospace engineering, which started around 15:00, the questions of the students did not stop.

The model rocket launch experience was also a great experience.

Thank you to Prof. Takahashi and everyone who cooperated.

Well, tomorrow’s program is

・ Preparation for teaching / instruction technics

・ Discussion and Teaching Practice Planning

・ Award Ceremony for CLTP-10 Participants

・ Reception in the evening

The day after tomorrow (28th), you will be in a position to teach.

Let’s do our best again.



CLTP day7 is over!

It has been a week since the students were invited.

It was really quick. Following yesterday, today was the following program.


・ Mission Design, System Design and Implementation


I feel that every group faced the PC with serious consideration for tomorrow’s mission report meeting.

Everyone, switching on and off is fast and amazing! !


CLTP finished the 6th day!

I feel that the communication between students has improved even more during the Akihabara tour yesterday.

And today ’s menu is

・ Mission Design, System Design and Implementation

Communication within the team and communication between other teams also become popular,

It has become a good environment for students.

In addition, there was a group that used a 3D printer that was brought to the room where HEPTA-Sat training was conducted.

There was something I wanted to bring though it was heavy. I’m glad.

I also feel that I am gradually becoming able to hear English.

Thank you to all the students.

There will be only one day left until the mission report meeting tomorrow, so tomorrow is for students.

It may be a tough day. Keep it on! !



CLTP10 Day 5!

Today’s program is


・ Akihabara tour: Procurement of parts necessary for a new mission

Today, we held a mission review meeting where each team announced their mission!

After that, we all went to Akihabara to purchase parts of satellite functions for carrying out the mission.

Finally, we went sightseeing in Asakusa to enjoy the visit to Japan.





Today’s program is

・Mission Design & Implementation

We designed each mission with a team of two people.




Today’s program is

・Communication system

・Ground Station

・Structural system

There were many events today such as going out


CLTP10 Day2!

CLTP was also an early start today

Today’s program is

・ Electric power subsystem (EPS)

・ Command & Data Handling subsystem (CDH)

・ Sensor subsystem

It’s great that things become shapes


CLTP10 Day 1!

CLTP10 started!

Today is the first day of CLTP. Today’s program is

・Opening ceremony

・Development environment creation


CLTP10 will start tomorrow (August 19, 2019)!

CLTP is an abbreviation for Cansat Leader Traing Program. This year, people from all over the world gather in Japan to learn about the educational satellite called HEPTA-Sat.

Today we had a CLTP venue preparation, Advance party .

I would like to work hard together tomorrow! !